Will's to Next Class

Greetings NHS Class of 1963. Like Indiana Jones, I have unearthed a relic from the ancient past. I have decided to share this with you in fond remembrance of our times at NHS. In the interest of time and space, some minor editing has occurred. However, none of the intended content (including John McCollum’s) has been altered from the original published version. Enjoy!

Harry E. Fitch

1963 Newark High School Class Will

Susan Albright: to Donna Day and Wanda Forest all the boys they can find on their lunch hour.

Richard E. Anderson: anyone who likes to slide dimes, my table in physics class.

Toni Irene Annarino: to any unfortunate NHS girl who may be dating a football player, Mr. Allen and his training rules along with the fun of breaking them.

Don Leroy Armstrong: to Brent Jones my tricks in the trade of wrestling.

Michael Douglas Arnold:  to Mike Smith, Bob Hotchkiss, and Larry Hunter all my intercepted passes that I threw during the 1962 football season.

Beth Anne Ashcraft: to any NHS student my wet seat that I occupied during the Homecoming Game.

Miriam Jean Ault: to Sally Griffith my broken burette and Mr. Bell’s sympathetic smile.

Harry Bachman: to Theresa Bachman my seat in homeroom and German class.

Carolyn Sue Back: to all future Latin students my enthusiasm for Latin and to Almeda Jenkins all the trials of being a senior.

Glenda Joyce Back: to Almeda, Cheryl, Bonnie, and Donna my locker, my Civics book, and all the problems that go with being a senior.

Constance Lee Baldwin: to Pam Baldwin 372 school days more than I, and my homeroom seat in 15E.

Kenneth William Barrett: to Rita Richardson my ability to understand and get along with Mr. Pearce, along with my seat in English class.

Sharon S. Barrick: to anyone who wants it my blushing ability.

Richard Lee Bartlett: to “Peanut” Sellers all my fine study habits and my faded blue jeans.

Marilyn Kay Beeney: to Linda Wooles my seat in 15E homeroom and all the good times I have had at Newark High School.

Marsha Jane Belter: to Molly Ann Curry and Sharyn Sue Lallathin my ability to skip class and always get caught!

William Alan Bibart: to Dick Voris my position on the Newark High football team—room 213, Newark Hospital.

Nancy S. Binckley: to Leroy Parriott all the tie clips and tie tacks I have collected throughout the year.

Terry Lee Bolen: to J. C. Pennington and Fred Lentz all the aluminum balls on top of E Building roof. I also will Roger Holcombe to Mr. Luikart.

Carol Ann Bonham:  to P. David Bonham the many hours I have spent solving various math problems.

Karen Darlene Bonham: to Linda Brown all my carbons, erasers, and mailable letters—also all my good times at NHS.

Sandra Sue Bonham: to Rick Henderson and Paula Hopkins all the solos I’ve played in band and to my sister all the good times of high school.

Sharon Kay Booher: to Andrea Barnes my locker and my seat in homeroom, also all the expenses of being a senior.

Jeffrey Hall Bostick: to anyone in the Junior Class my ability to help someone whose car is stuck in the snow.

Marla Jean Brearley: to Rick Battat my seat in homeroom 15E and my locker number 5039.

Kathy Jane Bringardner: to Sandy Shaw my seat in the lunchroom and a year’s supply of Alka-Seltzer.

Virginia Ruth Brumage: to anyone who wants it my seat in Latin class and my inability to get my Latin done on time.

Nellie Anna Burchard: to Sandy the opportunity to use my hall locker and my homeroom which is 15E.

Sandra Kay Burger: to Bobby Ebert my seat in band and to my sister all my good times in high school.

E. Anne Buser: to any underclassmen my bassoon and one broken reed.

Carol Joan Cain: to Roxanna Wolford and Donna Garrison the wish that you will enjoy your senior year as much as I have.

Brent Louis Carson: to Sharon Sue Lallathin all the early morning drives, bad weather but all the good times at NHS.

Gloria Jean Carter: to Molly Curry and Linda Dowie all the fun I’ve had in my senior year and to Furry, especially, my ability to get along with guys in the service.

William Marvin Catt: to any future College English student, who likes getting out of class, my library periods.

Linda Campbell: to Trudy Treneff my ability to be late to gym class and all the eye-liners I own.

Roger Cecil Campbell: to the Class of 1964 my books, all of the homework that goes with them and all of the Shepherd’s Pie they can eat.

James Cartner III: to Tom Coventry my football number and the best seat on the bus on those long trips. I also will my Science test papers to Don Powell.

Joyce Ann Chancey:  to any junior our homeroom teacher, Miss Rodemann and my place at the lunch table plus the food that goes with it.

Cheryl Ann Clark: to the junior class all the joys and expenses of being a senior.

Charlene Etnier Cline: to Suzanne Hoops better sense than I had about taking trig and advanced senior math.

Connie Sue Cline: to Linda Cline my seat in dear old 16E homeroom and also my locker number 5080.

Dennis Raymond Cluggish: to Rickie or Tommy my car; whose car falls apart first should make a close race.

Willard Russel Clutter, Jr.: to Lynn “Barney” Beach all of my unprecedented problems with a ’53 Ford and part of my excellent, superb, ingenious, skillful and tenacious ability to sell men’s clothing.

Sandra Sue Cochran:  to Patty Hammond all the fun of going with a graduate of Newark High and to all Pearce’s gang the memories of the class of 63.

Jane Eileen Collis: to Linda Wooles, all my old oil paints and rags from art class and to Connie Clark my used typing paper.

Bonnie Lee Conner: to Charlotte Shrader all of my dog chewed oboe reeds and to Coolie Walker two more years of good school lunches.

John Philip Cooper: to Jim Kirk and Bill Eskins my “MOUSEtraps” and my empty shaving foam cans from band camp.

William Eugene Coopereider: to any underclassmen, three band directors, one slightly soiled counter-revolutionary band uniform, plus one gross of: directories, fruitcakes, pens, jellybeans and two whimjims.

Ronald Eugene Courson:  to Brice Kibler the Santa Clause (Mr. Kingery) of N.H.S. I hope he gives you better gifts than I got. Also the diving position on the Swim Team – GOOD LUCK!

David Lee Coventry: to Dale Bennet my broken lead pencil.

Robert Speedy Crandall: to Fred Lentz my 5 iron and to Bob Hotchkiss my chopin ability.

John S. Crawford: to John Hill one messy locker in Building E and my parking space and the far end of the parking lot.

Rebecca May Crawford: to Penny Trethewey, Rick Freeman.

Donna Sue Crist: to anyone who wants them my four study halls and to Connie Davidson my Bookkeeping sets.

William Thomas Crothers: to George Stoeckman and his biology class my ring finger from my left hand; to Terry Potter my space in the parking lot.

Glenn M. Cunningham: to Ronnie Pound, my troubles and sweat in football and track. To Rick Dennett, Terry’s job, and to J.A.V. a life time supply of  “Doctor Cunningham’s Pain Pills”.

George Richard Davenport: to the juniors the best homeroom in the senior building.

Betsy Davidson: to Pam Bays my ability to do book reports the night before they’re due and to always say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Thomas Holcomb Davis: to John Dewey the following items: bolts, nuts, spare tire, fanbelt. These are the extras in the Ford engine I have put together in automotives.

Fred Hugh Davis: to Mr. Parks, Tom Coventry for the rest of next year. Lot’so Luck “Eugene”.

Barbara Ann Davisson: to my sister, Jean Davisson, all the fun and good times in the best building – E.

Jerry “Orvie” Derringer: to Jeff Davis all my “success” with girls, as well as all the problems involved in this “success”.

Vicki Lynn Devereaux: to Susan Riley my ability to stay out of trouble and to solve problems with great ease. Also to Kay Duncan my sewing machine in 105 E.

Frank William DeVoe: to Bill Fogg my front row seat in Mr. Powers’ higher education math class and my plunger mute in band.

Bill Dove: to Dave and Doug Gerber my driver’s license for the next three years.

David Lee Dragics: to anybody who has the nerve the right to make the early morning announcements that have caused so much commotion the past two years.

Patricia Ann Duffee: to anyone who has the courage to take it, the debts incurred during our senior year and my four study halls a day.

Kathleen Anita Dusthimer:  to Carmen Carter all those early morning rehearsals in band, and to Cindy Nesbitt my seat in band.

Kenneth Marshall Eagle: to Cookie Walker all of my books, brains, and trouble with all the teachers.

Kermane Harritte Eckman: to anyone who needs the time to study, my five study halls a day, and my seat on the school bus.

Joseph Michael Eller: to any wretched junior, Miss McCreary and Miss Rodgers’ blasted French flag, which always manages to be blown out the window 8th period.

James Montgomery Elliott III: to all under classmen, my seat in homeroom 18E, and Mr. Mooney with his (1/2) wit.

Jesse Duncan Elliott: to Dan Kuster all the root beer served at NHS and to Miss McCreary my locker.

Eldon Theodore Elswick: will to William my will to will.

Jane Dee English: to Kay Nagy all the problems I had with my Royal in second year typing class.

Mary Jane Evans: to Margie Diss my superior ability to sing “The Cannibal King.”

Roger Eugene Everett: to Brian Bolton all my chickens so he can put them in the hub.

Marcia Kay Faine: to Pat Shomaker all the headaches and problems that go with the title “Senior”.

Margo Lee Farnham: to Barb Saunders my rafters in number 2 cabin.

F. James Fekete: to Dick Orsborn all the luck I have so that he might get a seat in Mrs. Jones study hall next year.

Sandra Kay Fickel: to Susan McCartney my ability to get to the bus on time.

Diane Lynne Fiecoat: to Janet Walker my helpings at the Gym Leaders’ potlucks and also the name “Betty”.

Billie Jean Fisher: to Suzanne Hoops the title of Midnight Chef, in memory of our raids on the icebox.

Harry Ernest Fitch: to Mike Board my German records to collect dust and to Sandy Pound, my room in the hospital.

Sandra Lee Flint: to Carol Hughes the right to eat anyone’s lunch in locker 5166.

Sharon Lee Flint:  to “Some Lucky Junior”, my seat in Mr. Kingery’s ninth period English class.

Wilma Jane Forest: to my sister, Wanda, all my fun at lunch period and all those walks after lunch.

Fran Arlene Fox:  my seat in A Cappella Choir plus my place in Girls’ Ensemble to any girl lucky enough to get it and hope that she will enjoy and appreciate it as much as I have.

Barbara Lee Franck: to my junior car pool my favorite breakfast foods: Provolone cheese and low-cal jello (to be eaten in the car!).

Judith Ann Franklin: to David Deuschle my nickname “Castro” and an Army hat. He will have to grow the beard by himself.

Barbara Sue Franks: to Cookie Walker all the fun I had at Newark High, and all the car trouble we had.

Alvin Delano Fraser: to David McLaughland my ability to sleep through my study halls.

Arden Errol Freeman: to Jack Hall all my ability to loaf now and do it later.

Beverly Jo Fry:  to Karen Fry 10 packages of remittance slips and H. R. 19E; Eve Corse I give my locker 5168 and Mr. Jones fine Civics class.

Leatha Fuller: to Sandy Perrin my 1st and 2nd period study halls and to Willie Nell I will 5168.

Sharon Lee Fulton: to Linda Lee Enders those low characters, who will still be on campus, who gave me the descriptive name of Shorty.

Richard Alan Funk: to Mr. Kingery my collection of torn and tattered warts; to Cathy Smith, the unsigned readmission slips which have accumulated in my locker.

James Robert Garey:  to Mr. Barclay my book of High School memoirs entitled, “Life in a P.O.W. Camp”.

David Lee Garshaw: to Roy Lentz my knee pads for the continuation of brilliant dribbling exhibitions at NHS.

Danny Lee Gartner:  to any lazy junior the long fifty mile hike to “E” building every morning, and also throw in Paul Gordley.

Rhoda Gearhart: to Luanne West my fantastic ability to hang myself on the parallel bars.

Robert Stephen Goodrich: to Timothy (John) Campbell, all the tough babes I’ve dated in the last 3 years, and my 1950 sports Chevy to take them out in.

Joseph Lawrence Goodwin: to the sophomore and junior class part of my gymnastic ability, the rest I’ll save for Ohio State University.

Paul Edwin Gordley: to the future morticians of the class of “64” all of the mutilated bodies of ants I have smashed on the campus walks.

Steve Sidney Groce: to anyone who will take it my great ability to skip school.

Vonnie Elaine Grover: to Paul Baker all the expense of my senior year in hopes that he can afford to graduate.

Nancy Jean Groves: to Sharon Lallathin all the fun we had on C.J.S.D. with the hopes she won’t break our perfect record.

Stefania Gudmundsdottir: to John Young my Icelandic vocabulary.

Dale Bradford Hahn:  to Terry Andrews 3 years of hard mental labor spent in the Newark Senior High Institution directed by a principal who likes good ties on sale.

James Edward Hall: to Sandy Clouse my parking space in the Parking lot, also I want to give her the love I had for the Newark Senior High School.

Joseph R. Hamm: to Miss Williams and Mr. Kingery all my great English compositions.

Susan Whittington Handel: to Penny Louise Trethewey 1 second year art class, Mr. Martin, gobs of clay and plenty of soap to wash it all off your hands.

Arnold Dean Hartman: to Bill Hampshire my car so he can enjoy his midnight rides.

Carol Jean Harvey:  to my brothers, Bill and Jim, the ability to sneak in the drive-in in car trunks without being caught.

Michael James Harvey: to Virginia Louise Steen my old grade cards and all of the hard work it took to pass the subjects.

Edward Michael Hauser: to all juniors my understanding of literature and the boys on cross-country that big “hole” by E building.

Janice Headley:  to my sister, Pat, my shorthand pens and my seat in homeroom.

Steve C. Helbing: to Tony Evans a 409 Chevy!

Jacqueline Ann Hendrick: to my neighbor all the fun of being a senior and College Algebra class to anybody who thinks he’s brave enough to try it!

Duana Hess: to all underclassmen anything they care to have in this place. That includes grade cards.

Christine Hill: to Molly Curry, my ability to lose car keys and end up with four flat tires.

Monroe Hill: to Bobby Sellers my ability and moves in basketball, football, and track.

Walter E. Hinger: to Carol Ann Houseman my ability to get along with Miss Rogers and my old, worn-out, sawed-off sweatshirt.

Richard Eugene Hirst: to Sue Morningstar my locker and teachers and my grades. To Mr. Dickerson my ability to comprehend “Macbeth”. Also, the school to the whole student body.

Polly Ann Hoffer: to anyone who wants it, my ability to get up late for school, and then rushing to get there on time.

Joyce Ann Hollingshead:  to Dot Dawson my seat in typing class and all my empty hair spray cans.

Donna Jean Holt: to anyone that wants it my seat in study hall 205C behind Jack Downing and Jim Bope.

Jeff M. Hopkins: to Bob Campbell a 409 Chevy.

John Joseph Horm: to Newark Senior High School all the “loops” in my Gant shirts.

Karen Sue Householder: to Newark Senior High School a new parking lot and a new roof that will not leak for “E” building.

Joyce R. Howard: to Nancy Copeland my capacity for getting into more scrapes and awkward situations than anyone I know. Good luck, Nance.

Ralph Fredrick Howard Jr.: to Owen Lewis my ability to keep the Detroit Tiger spirit going at NHS.

Dixie Roberta Hoyt:  to any junior girl, who has the ability, my position as secretary of the Ohio District Key Club.

Bekki Hulbirt: to my little sister, Barbara, my tendency toward “good fortune”.

Garrett G. Humes: to any unlucky sophomore or junior my seat in Mrs. Jones’ fourth period study hall, and my ability to get along with her.

Nellie Ann Hunt: to my sister Natalie my ability to say the wrong thing at the right time.

Judith Ann Hupp: to Gerry Hupp the fun I had in my senior year at NHS.

Connie June Huston:  to Barb Sanders, “my share of the sweaters at band camp.”

Donna Kay Iden: to Susan Schwartz and Carolyn Sams good luck in the care and keeping of all the books in the Newark Public Library. They’ll need it!!!

Gary E. Jackson: to the Junior Class all of the expenses that go with the senior year. May you have fun paying them!

Daniel Lynn Jones: to any future student of NHS, an iron stomach to digest the SLOPpy Joes served for lunches.

Steven Allen Jones: to Denny Brown “E” building and all the teachers and all of my slightly used books plus all the Good Luck that I had.

Loyal Hutch Kennard:  to David Orban one twelve volt, red and white, Sea-Way Communist imported “Flashlight”, guaranteed to prevent colliding with unseen objects.

Don E. Kennon:  to the next person on the football team, my toe. To the next person on the baseball team, my rubber arm.

David E. Kenty: to Mr. Kingery my first book entitled, The Tropic of Newark High.

Judith Ann Kerr: to the Chi Zelta Kids as much fun in their senior year as I had in mine.

Roger Alan Kime: to Kent Trexel my laugh and full book of jokes.

Jacqueline Lee King: to Barb Sperry my seat in choir. I will Mr. Powers to Charma Cannon, and to the future choir members all the fun we had.

Michael Steven King: my shoes to any junior boy who is stupid enough to wear them!!

Linda Ann Knappenberger: to Chris Crouse my place in the center of the majorette line.

Joseph William Kraft: to Bob Hotchkiss my front seat in Mr. Kingery’s English class.

Thomas Nathan Kreider: to Dick Voris my fire-out ability, agileness, ability to block with open eyes, sure-handed hiking ability-courage, lateral movement, biceps, indestructible desire, and overall championship quality.

Kenneth Richard Lacknett: to Beverly Atwood my absence record in hopes that she might improve it.

Violet Marie Lacy: to Judy McCloud my seat on the bus, if she ever makes it (she’s always late.)

Janet Brenda Lane: to Karen Dickerson, Mr. Mooney and our Saturday mornings with his pasting up the paper, and my wishes for a great senior year with Miss Rodgers.

Ruth Nadine Lane: to Judy McCloud my place in the lunch line, at the end, of course.

Sharon Kay Lane: to Vicki Gorsuch, my ability to sew, all the good times your senior year, my pin, and my blessings.

Richard Karl Lange: to Digger O’Dell my great sports ability, and my ability to meet all of the neat girls in the country, and my blessings.

Sharlene Lanning: to Judi Peterson my economics seat in hopes that she will enjoy it as much as I did.

Jerry Lee Larason: to Roy Lentz all my puzzle and musical abilities – my skills for borrowing NHS equipment.

Karen W. Layman: to Carol Nicklas and the new annual staff the “old dummie” of 1963.

Mary Ann LeHew: to Lynda Louise English, my pictures of Jerry Lucas, my bowling scores, my ability to get into trouble, my Ouija Board, and my blessings.

James Edward Lehman: to Bob Lehman my seat in Mrs. Jones’ fourth period study hall, and to Mark Mitchell my ability to wreck cars.

Nancy Ellen Leslie: to Susie Priest my homeroom seat in 200E and all the fun that goes with being a senior.

Richard Woodrow Lewis: to Will my will if Will will have my will.

Carol Ann Linne: to Danny Mossholder my ability to talk so much and yet stay out of trouble.

Gary Alan Loar: to Tom Wolford, John Hitchcock, Larry Hoke, Bill Armstrong, Ferry Stasel, and R. D. Smith the still in the drafting room.

John Ralph Lorenzen: to Janice Pryor all of my own “two feet” and to any Junior the thrill of having Grendel Kingery for an English professor.

Judy Ann Loughman: to Mrs. Parsons all my old shorthand notebooks and to Linda Willard my gym suit.

Pamela Joan Loughman: to Tom Loughman the 4th period lunchroom with Mr. Budd as hall monitor.

Donald Hobart Lowery: to Trudy Treneff my ability to whistle and to Dick Bartlett my ability to date a girl for more than a week at a time.

Victoria Jean Lubbers: to Pam Darkes my three minutes at the telephone at lunch hour and the technique I use.

Marcia Lynne Lusk: to Mike Board my ability to get out of the parking lot faster than he.

Phra Douglas Lyle: to any junior with the highest bid, my physics notebook.

Ruth Louise Marti: to Marsha Johnston my watch and to Lynn Johnson my duties in the library.

Vicki Louise Marriott: to anyone my ability to mean what I saw and say what I mean. I mean, say what I mean and mean what I say.

Cheri Ann Mason: to Robert Hotchkiss my office as “Sergeant at Arms” of the Latin Club.

Connie Lou Mathias: to Marion Hoover my ability to do head stands in gym, and to eat Trix, the cereal for kids.

Carol Jean Mathis: to Darla M. my ability to talk, to Sandy N. my seat in economics, and Bob. B. my who-hoo.

Ronald Wayne Mayhew: to Gary, my old army hat. May it rest in pieces; also our friendship. To a certain girl goes my smile, to remember me by.

Karen Sue McCann: to Pam Roser my ability to get into the biggest messes with certain people and also all the fun during my senior year.

Hugh Filmore McClain: to some lazy junior the long walk from the parking lot to “E” building.

Susan Starrett McClenahan: to all the forthcoming seniors all the happy and sad times of senior year. Good luck in the new world waiting for you.

John R. McCollum: to (CENSORED).

Marianne McCollum: to any girl the patience it takes to wait for a letter from a special guy who is attending a university.

Margaret An McDonald: to any girl the courage to leave a guy behind to fly. “Smooth sailing.”

Karen Louise McKenna: to Sylvia Meadows the ability to eat a lunch served at school and then take one of Miss Messimer’s timed writings.

Rosemary Lee McMahan: to Karen McMannis my extra study halls, my seat in lunch room, and my low bowling score.

Paula Lee Malloy: to anyone who wants it, my homeroom seat in 202E and, of course, Mr. Kingery.

Nancy Jo Marbaugh: to Jerry Coffey my seat in 8th period study hall beside Judy Luikart, and to John Marriott my gym suit. I hope it fits.

Robert Mike Mercer: to Bob Jacks, my partner, my unusual ability in tennis, and my dirty locker.

Martha Louise Metzger: to my brother, Phil, all the teachers, tests, long assignments, and good times I’ve had at N.H.S.

John Thomas Meyers: to Michele Ranzenberger all my assorted hunkies dories and to Jim Bope, anything that’s left over.

Charles Wayne Miller: to the Junior class “Black Hand Gorge” and all of the experiences there and to Jon Zeller my seat in “Jax’s”.

Michael Ralph Miller: to Steve “Stinky” Oder my football stance and also all my luck for a successful season in “63”.

Pamela Ann Miller: to Lynne Kinsey my beloved sliderule and all the mistakes I made using it!!!

Gary Robinson Mitchell: to some unlucky junior my seat in 206E.

Mandy Mitchell: to Brice Kibler Miss McCreary, Cicero, and Cataline’s conspiracy, and all my infinite Knowledge of Latin.

Marilyn Anne Mitchell: to two junior band girls the privilege of my cabin at Band Camp and all the fun that goes with it and being a senior.

Charles Robert Morehead: to Roger Gordley all the litter on Newark High School’s lawn.

Terry Wayne Morrison: to Steve Gearhart my broken locker and all the Physics experiments that I couldn’t do.

Roderick Alan Mosholder:  to anyone who wants my seat in Mr. Stradley’s math class.

David Lynn Mossholder: to Danny Mossholder my seat in the parking lot during those short lunch periods.

Joseph Lee Mullenix: to Mr. Robert Barclay my high school memoirs entitled, “Life in a P.O.W. Camp.”

Jane Lynn Myers: my locker in Building E (complete with a quotation for every occasion) to any junior who can withstand the wrath of the Student Council.

Joseph W. Myers: to Pete Brookhart all my ability to become a great athlete.

Chuck Michael Nalepa:  to Jim Klein a broken pencil without an eraser, Your B.B. gun that doesn’t work anymore, and my great personality, good humor, and life-long friendship.

Edwin Michael Neff: to Dick Barrett my front seat in Mr. Kingery’s English class and to Dick Finck all of my “good luck” at cards.

Daniel Earl Norris: to Ralph Nethers my seat in Mr. Stradley’s vocational math class, because he will need it to get along with good ole Mr. Stradley.

Sharlyn Janey Nye: to Lynne Paulsen all my wonderful times at NHS—at school and after. To Margorie McLaughlin my seat in homeroom 203E.

Darlene Sue Oakleaf: to Sylvia Meadows my typing seat the 6th period.

Shirley Rosanna Oakleaf: to anyone who needs it in “64” to stand up for what is right, even though Nixon didn’t win.

Kathleen Fern Ogilbee: to Molly Curry, Mr. Riley all my detention periods, all those pickled peppers, and the Old Fly Bird to do with as she wishes.

Laura Jane Oliver: to Diane Phobins Williams, Mr. Jones, Mr. Wolverton, Mrs. O’Riley. Teachers will lose their tempers, but with the three mentioned, it is HEAVEN—Good Luck!

Elizabeth Joyce Orr: to Debbie Brickles my seat in Mr. Bell’s Chemistry class.

Barbara Jean Owen: to Barb Sperry my beautiful ruffle blouse.

Paul Milton Parks: to Kent Trexell all my abilities and extra pounds.

Julie Jared Pharis: to Pam Baker my ability not to turn “red” when I am embarrassed.

Randy L. Phelan: to Dave Gerber my ability to get along with Mr. Stoeckman.

Danny Stanton Porter: to Rick McCall all my ability in keeping my class ring.

Roseann Marie Pound: to Bonnie Burlson my ability to stick to a horse.

Jean Ann Priest: to Bonnie Snoor the good times and expenses of being a senior at Newark High School.

Terry K. Puffer: to William Epright, a bottle of Tuff-skin and my slightly blue-stained basketball unie.

Tom Wood Reid: to Will all the will I have to will. I hope Will will use my will the way I hope he will.

Susie Kay Reinhard: to Carol McFadden a rauncy senior year and to Janice Pryor my ability to patch up people’s troubles.

Gary Thurman Reynard: to all undergraduates my patience and my ability to understand everybody I meet.

Larry Lee Richards: to all underclass College Prep students Mr. Kingery’s English classes.

Roberta Ann Rightsell: to any of next year’s seniors taking second year bookkeeping my practice sets. Good Luck, Sue!!!

Sharon Kay Roberts: to Marcia McDonald the precedence of being the only cheerleader to let the school colors go to her head.

Paul Kenneth Robertson: to Donna Jean Luther my undying love for miscellaneous math problems and those who teach them.

Gary Alfred Ryan: to Mike Board my two-handed lay-up shot, and to J. C. Pennington my consistent wood shots at the net.

Judith Lynn Saum:  to Sharon a needle and thread so she won’t have to pin her hose.

John A. Schott:  to Mr. Wolverton my 1953 model gray, two-door, V-8 Ford, with four porta-walls and flat spare tire, because this gift is good for revenge.

William Schuyler: to the choir all the flutterbys before performance and to Thespians my “checkies”.

Kay Seaton: to Sharon Llathin all my fun on C.J.S.D. with the hope she won’t break our perfect record.

Kathryn Lucille Shackleford:  to Edward Folds my outstanding ability to forget books and pay fines; to Miss Dorn two more Shacklefords (in 1964) to keep the library in business.

Sarah Sherman: to the next senior class a most profitable and and a most memorable year.

James Clark Shronk: to anyone who gets the basket number 1598 all gym accessories such as gym shoes, gym trunks, T-shirt, socks, etc.

Mike Allen Shultz: to Sheila all my problems. If I don’t have any, I don’t belong here. “Thunder Road”.

Nancy Shumaker: to any junior girl all of the “gossip” that I have heard while standing in the sixth period lunch line.

Mary Simpkins: to all short people, with dangling feet, my little blue foot stool in typing class.

David George Skinner: to all future art students “Old Man Martin”.

Barbara Ann Smith: to Barbara Josephine Bibler, one of my backseat drivers, my position as chauffeur.

Lynne Suzanne Smith: to Barbara Sperry the sole possession of a certain red uniform and a quart of milk for all the trials that go with it. To Sherri Glass, my “problem”.

Pat Ann Smith: to Dave Glover my chair in Mrs. Kennedy’s speech class. Good Luck!

Wanda Jean Smith: to Donna Jean Curp my ability to talk in study hall.

Noble Burdell Snow: to any deserving underclassman my ringside seat in 202E for a most entertaining year, starring Alexander Pope’s Sylph Circus under the direction of Grenel.

Clara Lou Spellman: to my sister, Connie Spellman, my gym suit and all the fun at NHS.

Katherine Spires: to Marie Wilson my locker with the wrong number on it. I hope it doesn’t mix you up like it did me.

William Henry Spivey:  to Nell Hinton my ability to make speeches and Mrs. Kennedy, plus the tense moments to see if it’s your turn to give an extemporaneous speech.

Alberta Jane Sprague: to one Bonnie Burlson all the barn chores. To one Patti Burke and one Janie Vogelmier, I will my beautiful singing voice.

Rita Mae Stoneburner: to Bonnie Snorr my expenses in being a senior and my Civics book.

Barry David Storey: to anybody coming into Mr. Powers homeroom a locker made use of by Roby Watson and myself.  P.S. Don’t mar our initials.

Myra Jane Stottler: to my little itsie, witsie, baby brother, Bobby Stottler, my books, teachers, and all my time in detention after school with Mr. Gard.

Rae LaVerne Straszewski: to my sister, Dixie, all my orange re-entry slips; also my seat in detention every night.

Carol Lynne Stauch: to any daring future senior who is willing to take a chance, all my College English Word Wealth tests.

David R. Stricker: to Mike Garrett all my old memories of N.H.S. (God Bless you). To Rich Osborn all my smelly stolen gym trunks.

Linda Anne Sullivan: to Nancy Bunn the bus for the next two years. Maybe she will hate it as much as I have.

Libbie Lou Swan: to any junior girl my ability to get library passes when Harry is there.

John Fredric Swisher: to Mr. Gard: 30 regular and 1 gold-plated sliding dimes, 10 decks of cards (marked), 2 portable roulette wheels (rigged), 10 sets of dice (slightly altered), and 1 pocket chess set (also rigged).

Karen Sue Swords: to Dotty, the luck of meeting Dick at the Grotto instead of Jack’s.

Barbara Lynne Symons: to Lynn Kinsey my bottle of Dramamine to be used only on long cheerleading trips, and to Phyl Symons, all the fun I’ve had at N.H.S.

Mabel Sue Taylor: to Maggie Richards all my books and my ability to stay out of trouble (ha).

Margaret Anne Thumm: to Roger Markle, my great stature of five feet for use during next years basketball season.

James E. Tims: to Butch S. Alberry all my pre-match superstitions and warm up drills.

Terry A. Treneff: to both kids all dad-like properties and other coveted honors therewith.

Polly Trethewey: to my sister, Penny Louise, my copy of “Listen America” to read and weep over.

Gary Wayne Turner: to Sally Sue Williams my Civics book and my seat in Mr. Jones’ Civics class, but will her to no one.

Carolyn Sue Tyhurst: to Sharon Pike, all my books, troubles, and nights in detention, and the best of luck (you’ll need it).

Anna Kay Vaughn: to Charlotte Vaughn my seat in Mr. Powers homeroom, and my clean locker.

John Frederick Vogelmeier: to all future Key Club members and officers the pleasure of trips to Mr. Barclay’s office and to Steve Elliott the pleasant visits to Mrs. Winegardner.

Gary Lee VonIns: to Butch Alberry and Dave Hess my place in lunch line.

Roby G. Watson Jr.: to anyone coming into homeroom 206E, a locker made infamous by Barry D. Storey and myself and please don’t remove the apples.

James Chopper Weaver: being sound of body and mind (?) do here-by will my golf clubs and “wildcat” uniform to myself, because I still may be here next year.

William Rodriquez Weaver: to Roy Frederick Lentz one left tennie, two knee pads, one official Jimmie Rahl beach ball, two balls of silly putty and a rubber swan.

Charlotte Pauline Webb: to all seniors in the future, the happiness I’ve had this year, and none of the disappointments.

Jeanie Wier: to my uniclaracation to anyone who can figure out what it is.

Charles David Welch: to the “Southmores” and Juniors in the Newark High Band, all of the great times I had. (Whew! Grey-Headed Directors.)

Sharon Kathleen Wells: to Linda Cole and Linda Courson my books, classes, teachers seats and troubles. Also, all the luck with the boys.

Mary Catherine Whitaker: my trusty ole Ford to someone who has to walk to school, because I’m getting a new one.

Linda Kay White: to Dan Vaia the key to all the fun I’ve had in “63” and all the luck in his trips to Columbus.

Jerry Scott Whittington: to J.C. Pennington, all the Weezie balls on the roof of E building.

Raymond Lee Whyde: to Jim Kirk and Dyke Thornberg my “Mouse” traps and shaving cream cans from Band Camp.

Susan Jeanne Widrig: to Charma Kay Cannon my quiet (?) ways.

Steve Wieber: to Larry Peters, my seat in detention.

Kay Wilkins: to next year’s secretary of A Cappella Choir Mr. Mason’s grade book and the year’s absent lists. Good luck!

James Allen Willey: to Bill Wigton all the “fun” and worry of the audio-visual service.

Bonnie Jean Williams: to John Shrader one Webster’s Dictionary for future use in making signs for Mr. Pearce and the band.

Patricia Lou Williams: to my sister, Claudia, my Kerr-green zuitsuit and to Blair Vermillion, my ability to make good grades in Mrs. Jones’s espanol class.

Judith Ann Wince: to Carol McFadden all my college catalogues and hope she has better luck with them than I did.

Richard Leroy Wise: to the Juniors the cleanest building on campus, building “E”.

William Lee Wiseman: to Bill Donnett all my class books because he, being a sophomore, will need them in the next ten years if he makes it by then.

Janice Couinne Wolfe: to Jim Melton all those days to follow at N.H.S. and those short times at the parking lot.

Pam Wolfe: to all upcoming seniors all the joy and sadness of being a senior. Best of luck.

Patti Wolverton: to anyone who thinks he can find it my scrapbook with all its fond memories glued to its pages.

Mary Lou Woolard: to Molly Adams my civics book, first period civics class and dear Mr. Jones.

Nancy Louise Wright: to Erin McAllister my choir robe and my English books to anyone who wants them.

Bill Wright: to all juniors my 4’ by 6’ mud puddle in the parking lot.

John David Yockey: to the complete sophomore class three boxes of moped parts.

Senior Class of 1963: the bugs (termites?) in E building to the Senior Class of 1964.